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Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Niche Website Basics | 0 comments

What Is A Niche Site?

If you ask yourself, “What is a Niche Site?” then here is where you will find the answer you were searching for. First, what a niche website isn’t. It isn’t a regular business website to promote local services or products, and it isn’t a website where you’ll find many different things, not correlated to each other. Setting up a niche website properly requires FIRST to establish the understanding and right mindset BEFORE you start. So now – what is a niche site? A niche site is a website focused on a very specific topic or target market. Niche websites normally have highly targeted traffic coming to the site, a clearly defined target market interested in the information, products and/or services offered, and a higher conversion rate than other regular business websites.  5 Signs How To Recognize A Niche Site People refer to the site in their social networks as an online expert website you can learn from. You recognize on the site that the overall site focus goes in...

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